Is OMG Machines Worth the Price of Admission?

What’s all the buzz about the internet marketing program known as OMG Machines? It’s sometimes a little difficult for marketing or SEO wannabees to get a clear picture about the program since the members appear to be a pretty tightly-knit and closed mouth group when it comes to reporters and reviewers digging for information.

The OMG Machines Community

And there is a good reason for this supposed need to remain hush-hush about what they are learning: The techniques taught by the coaches inside the program are fairly high-level SEO or SEM – that is, search engine marketing – strategies that evidently help these folks bolster their clients’ rankings in the search engines, primarily Google.

In some ways, my OMG Machines review is a little biased because I have been privy to quite a bit of what they have been teaching, and I have also benefited from it. But, I have also signed what is called a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) at certain live events that prohibit my being able to tell you everything I have learned, as well as what others have implemented along the way.

And, that NDA is signed for good reason, and I for one have no problem with it. You see, the bulk of the members within the OMG group are a serious lot. They have paid a good chunk of change to remain within the ever-changing and continually updated program. We’re talking in the neighborhood of $7,000 to get behind the curtains of this elite think tank. So, it makes sense that we are not allowed to just spill our guts all over the internet about what we are learning.

My Thoughts On The OMG Machines Program

But I can, and will, give you my thoughts on this program. First of all, if you are here at this particular review, chances are you already know some of the background about this membership, which was the brainchild of company founders David Mills, Mike Long, and the original “OMG” – or “One Man Gang,” Greg Morrison. It’s the events in Mr. Morrison’s life that captivated the audience of another internet marketing program that he was involved with at the time, and which caught the attention of Mr. Mills and Mr. Long. Enough so that Mr. Morrison was evidently agreeable to lending his story and knowledge to build out a serious SEO mentoring program that has now become known as OMG Machines.

In your scouring the web for OMG Machines reviews, you are undoubtedly coming across a number of prior stories that discuss such program names like “NHB” (which stands for “No Holds Barred,” one of the initial incarnations of the program), “Project X,” “Juggernaut,” and a whole host of other names.

Clever? Yes, of course they are clever, because we have the genius marketing gurus like Mr. Mills and Mr. Long floating them before each year’s newly targeted audience.

But, I believe it’s necessary to leave the hyped up names of each new program aside, and concentrate on the guts of the thing itself. Which is this: When you pay your entry fee – whatever it happens to be when you read this article – you are going to get your fill, and then some, of everything you could possibly need to either start up a new SEO business, or ramp up the one you already have. This is serious stuff, and the men and women inside who are coaching (via a number of methods such as live coaching or “office hours” webinars, over-the-shoulder videos, as well as a variety of spontaneous events as well) have proven track records of extraordinary success.

Do they promise the masses who follow along that they, too will experience the same successes? No. They make it very clear that their own successes are due to a combination of hard work, perseverance, proper mind-set, implementation of the strategies taught, and a never-give-up attitude. The most prominent common denominator? All of the above, with what I would probably say is an emphasis on hard work. These people are bad-ass, work-all-hours-of-the-day-and-night animals who are going to succeed NO.MATTER.WHAT.

Which brings me to a critical part of this article, and where I have to pose the following questions those of you who are here:
1. Are you passionate about learning SEO strategies?
2. Are you willing and able to commit the time (because what you learn is NOT going be assimilated into your ordinary human noggin overnight) and energy to not only learning these strategies, but more importantly implementing them?
3. Do you have $7,000 (or whatever the price is these days) to invest in this mentoring program? More importantly – is this money you can afford to invest without taking food off the table or risking eviction? Because, let me tell you something my friend: If you can’t afford this or find a way to pay for it without looking back, don’t do it. You WILL NOT – repeat WILL NOT EVER get a refund. Mr. Long and Mr. Mills make no bones about it. Frankly, if you cannot accept this, and are not ready to dive in without looking back, they aren’t really all that interested in you. Don’t take it personally. These are hard-core, exceptionally knowledgeable people running the show, and it’s not for the faint of heart.

Those are the top 3 most important questions. Can you honestly answer “yes” to those questions? If so, hop on board. You will not be sorry!

I am telling you from the viewpoint of someone who has the inside scoop, and a membership dating back a few years, that in my humble opinion, you will never find a better, more savvy, giving, or driven bunch of SEO experts to teach you what you need to know.

Concluding This Review Of OMG Machines

If, however, you are a little wishy-washy on what it is you want to do when it comes to working online, and you’re not sure of what you want in general, there are a lot less expensive and “lighter-touch” programs that you can dip you toe into in order to test the internet waters.

The people inside are really THAT GOOD. I’ve gone on long enough here, and I hope that I’ve given you a true and fair representation of my thoughts about OMG Machines.

Thank you so much for reading! I wish you the best of luck in your future no matter what decision you make!