Local SEO Is A Strong Tactic

Google want to find my businessConsumers browsing for products online can be faced with very little choice or too much selection. Their search engine results might yield so many hits they feel uncertain where to begin filtering this information, especially when searching for services to hire or stores to shop from in person. One way they can filter search engine results is by narrowing the field of possible hits Google or Yahoo makes.

Local Filter

An SEO consultant will usually recommend that a company focus on the SEO angle. There are several excellent reasons to do this, one being that it reduces the frustration of a customer feeling overwhelmed by options. Another reason is to specify which of multiple person or business names a customer wants to locate.

Franchise Fix

Numerous companies possess branches around the state, region, country, or even worldwide. That includes many delivery services and fast food chains. Typing in the name of that business will yield hundreds, maybe thousands of hits. Some will be related to blog articles pertaining to the field one is looking at; others bring up reviews. Querying about a restaurant might reveal nutritional information. The customer wastes time searching through results and might even get sidetracked before deciding to try a simpler business. If the company’s location is featured in content, however, and the customer types this town into the browser, results immediately lead him to that specific part of the chain. When the location could be in two different places (Ontario, Canada or Ontario, California), consumers should specify more precisely and so should the SEO content.

Supporting the Locals

It’s really trendy these days to try and support the local guy. Customers want to find you if you operate in their neighborhood, but if they can’t locate one business in the vicinity they will look a little beyond their preferred boundaries of city or state. It is not up to consumers to search for businesses; businesses must make themselves visible.

Creating Local SEO

So how does a firm build this kind of content? One way is to hire an SEO firm to create content using various platforms. There is the social media platform which consumers using Facebook immediately recognize and frequently visit. A landing page is another source of content, one where everything from the “About Us” page to captions under product photos provides search engines with information required to direct a search. Third is a link to the company blog featured on a landing page. This sometimes takes consumers off of the landing page to a place where articles explain the services a company performs or explores the field in general. Specific regional names (city and state) should be present on all of these sites, increasing the possibility of reaching the top one or several places in an internet search.