Recommended Website Platforms

pc-185837_1280It’s easy to get started setting up your own website. All you have to do is pick a pre-existing platform and use the tools they give you. That’s simple, right? Well, how easy depends on your skills with programming or your willingness to compromise. What does your budget look like? Do you have any skills with SEO? Are you selling, promoting, or simply sharing ideas? Consider which platform works best for the sort of site you plan to build.

Find the Freebies

There are several opportunities to attract an audience over the web for no cost. If you don’t need or want a domain name, there is no extra fee attached to certain sites like WordPress and Tumblr, but they also provide the opportunity to pay for a named domain. The fee isn’t huge either.

Paying for a Platform

Even using paid services like those above and the fee-only Square Space platform (in other words, they don’t offer a free package), businesses can make a good start for a small price. It’s inevitable that an e-commerce site will cost you something to run. Consumers notice with all types of websites and social media pages that when they want extra features there is a cost. LinkedIn, for example, is cost-free until you start asking to use analytics.

Top Three Options

Which three services should you think of first? Let’s just pick out three very good ones, perhaps the best for now in an ever-changing industry. Who knows what is around the corner even tomorrow?

WordPress probably tops the list simply because of its reputation. Some say it isn’t easy to use; that you need a computer background to make the most of your opportunity here. There are loads of ways to personalize WordPress and this platform tends to make your work appear particularly professional.

Square Space is a gorgeous platform but, again, not cost-free under any circumstances. At least their prices are graded. Tumblr is best used by visual artists and trendy people seeking to reach a youthful audience. If this describes you, your product, and your outlook, then Tumbler has potential.

SEO Technique

No amount of savvy with computer programs makes up for marketing and design¬†know-how. If you are just getting started and aren’t sure which site to pick or how to create your page, consult with an SEO professional. He will talk you through some of the finer points of selecting key words, choosing a font, picking a theme, and applying backlinks. In most cases, people use the above platforms because they don’t have to start from scratch and costs are low, so they probably don’t want to hire an SEO writer for content. At least find out how content affects readership and search engine “hits.” Consider this your crash course in search engine optimization.