Reputation Management And Recovery

Showing bad reputationSometimes you can’t beat the bad guy no matter how hard you try to develop an honest business reputation. Word of mouth was effective for a long time and clientele was steady. Any attempts at bad publicity by the competition couldn’t hurt you, but that was before competitors turned to the internet. Running a social media page or website didn’t seem important, but that was before you awoke from a dream world in which everyone in your field was equally ethical and fair. Unfortunately, some companies will stoop to the lowest of lows: spreading false information. It’s hard to legally prove that a war is being waged through smear tactics. You can’t bring the case to a lawyer’s attention or, if you do, she is likely to say this is a lawsuit you won’t win. How else can an honest guy fight bad press and still play fair?

SEO Reputation Management

Don’t fight the foe with its own type of fuel. This sort of behavior only leads to trouble, and if you make a mistake the battle could blow up expensively in your face. Don’t assume that because someone else gets away with placing negative reviews and writing bogus forum entries that make competitors look bad that you will be able to do the same thing successfully. Moreover, doing so feels wrong and does your business no good at all. What a waste of time when you should be enhancing your image instead.

Image Enhancement

Use the system to your advantage in order to create an accurate and positive picture. Entice customers to write positive things about you. Hire someone skilled in the techniques of search engine optimization to help uncover the many avenues available for creating uplifting and useful content. This is not a way of defrauding people but a means of exposing your good side to more people.

Social Media

An SEO expert will point out the possibilities of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Use these media to invite conversation with customers. These posts behave as individual “hits” when a customer types a request into the browser. Well constructed and carefully aimed writing, give-aways, and promotions lead readers to your page where they would have engaged before given the chance. Entice reluctant participants with the promise of a deal: “like” me on Facebook to earn 10% off your next purchase or to enter a competition.

Web Page Testimonials

Send out a survey inviting customers to report their findings, offering similar types of rewards. Post those writings (good and bad) on your web page under the heading “testimonials.” Even ask for clients to rate services in terms of stars, determine the average, and post it.


If a firm is accredited by or is a member of any organization, they should post this online. Professional connections establish authenticity.